Contributions for Kubrick on the Guillotine:

A Very Coen Career: Part Two
A Very Coen Career: Part One Defining Moments: Hair of the Dog That Bit Me
The Battle Between Spirit and Flesh: Martin Scorsese's 'The Last Temptation of Christ'
Traffic: An Allergen of the Body, An Obsession of the Mind
British Cinematic Identity: A Gentle Reminder from Powell & Pressburger

Contributions for TQS Magazine:

Korean New-Wave Comes to Hollywood
Tarantino Unrestrained
Review - A Simple Life 
Interview - Marius Holst
Review - Foster
Review - King of Devil's Island
Review  - Electrick Children
Lawless: The Beginning of Award Season?
No Gloss Film Festival - A Preview
The Master Inquisition 
Review: 7 Days in Havana
Review: Prometheus
Review: The Raid

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