Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tom Ford delivers a superb, near perfect debut film.

A Single Man (dir. Tom Ford)

Plot: A story that centers on an English professor who, after the sudden death of his partner tries to go about his typical day in Los Angeles.

Cast: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Mathew Goode, Nicholas Hault


Whether you know who Tom Ford is or not, it shouldn't effect your opinion on his incredible debut film 'A Single Man' too much, although it might answer why his film looks so damn good!

In 1990, barely known in the fashion world, Tom Ford took a job at Gucci and began revitalising the dying luxury brand. By 1994 he was promoted to creative director and by 1996 had increased Gucci sales by 90%. In 1999, Gucci, which was nearly bankrupt when Ford started was worth an estimated $4.3billion.

After nearly two decades with Gucci, Ford has now taken his stylised eye to making films, and his debut is not one to be missed.

'A Single Man' centres around a day in the life of college professor George Falconer (Firth) in 1962, this day is a special day for George as he has decided that it will be his last.

The opening scene and narration which follow the opening credits reveal that George has lost someone very close to him, we are shown very early on through an excellent use of flashbacks that George has lost his partner Jim (Goode) through a car accident. Nine months on and the pain still raw, George wants to put the pain to rest by laying himself to rest. The film basically comes across like 'It's a Wonderful Life' if it was rewritten and directed by Gus Van Sant.

What follows is an interesting film in which we get to be in the mindset of someone who knows they are living their last day, Ford directs brilliantly allowing us to really see through the eyes of a man seeing the world for the last time, and also, for the first time.

Colin Firth never gets the recognition he needs because he is always remembered for his characters in 'Bridget jones', 'Love Actually', 'Mama Mia!' but never for grittier film like 'Trauma' and of cause 'A Single Man'. Mark my words, Firth will be remembered for this film!

The supporting cast are excellent, Julianne Moore is a pleasure to watch as always and doesn't disappoint as George's best friend (and ex-lover) Charley. The warmness between George and Jim is always convincing and some of that praise must go to Mathew Goode.

Brit actor Nicholas Hault (About a Boy, Skins) plays George's obsessive student who cannot be totally trusted proving that he is deserves his recent success. But it really is Firth that steals the show in this one though.


On top of the simple but powerful story and performances, it is the breathtaking photography, haunting score, and precision direction that makes 'A Single Man' one of the most memorable
films you will see this year. Tom Ford has a promising career in film ahead of him, lets see where it takes him.

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